Kitek Technologies offers AC/DC Position Control Trainer Kit. This position control trainer kit guides users to know the principles and uses of a continuous closed loop and their feedback with the square wave. At the point when the input / control potentiometer position is changed, a similar followed by feedback pot.

AC servo position control system controller & AC servomotor achieve this control action. AC/DC Position Control trainer kit helps a reference signal as input/output and PID Controller and their response with the help of square wave.

AC/DC Position Control Trainer Kit helps to control the different values of angular position commands and observe the position control system for different values of the forward gain at different values of angular position commands as well.

As we leading manufacturer of ac/dc position control trainer kit, we have a team of assemblers which are capable of assembling the electrical & electronic circuits required in our products or any other custom built product.

AC/DC Position Control Trainer Kit helps to learn about dc motor position control system called servo mechanism. It comes first in automatic control systems. This kit has been designed keeping students in mind so its very easy to understand and use

AC and DC position control trainer kit consists of position feedback loop circuit, chopper power circuit, and power ON switch to switch ON the power supply to the module.

DC motor of Position control, reference and output position for Calibrated dials , servo Potentiometers with full 360o, Separate unit for motor with two side acrylic body, Square Wave Generator, Precise Signal Conditioning, Sensitive, Linear, Stable and Accurate, Easy to operate, One 4 Mfd/230V AC Capacitor is provided for Motor are some of the features of AC/DC Position Control Trainer Kit.