Kitek Technologies is a manufacturer of Electrical Bridges Trainer Kit. An electric bridge is mainly used to measure resistance. Electrical bridge trainer kit has two branches of the circuit that are directly linked to the third branch. The electrical bridge circuit is mainly designed for the measurement purpose in the laboratory. Linking points in the middle are adjusted when it is used for a specific application. Electrical bridges trainer are mostly used in linear, nonlinear, power conversion, instrumentation, and filtering.

We hold a team of industry experts who are keenly examined by the industry varied needs while developing an electrical bridges trainer kit. Precision performance and dependable results are given by this trainer kit. As electrical bridges trainer kit is manufactured using high-quality components and some other equipment in accordance with the best quality standard, it is trusted by millions of users.

Lightweight, easy development, portable are some of the features highlighted in electrical bridges trainer kit.

The electrical bridges trainer kit contain ac supply [ 1 KHz and 2 Vpp ] with an isolation transformer. Electrical bridges trainer kit contains a set of variable resistors, set of capacitors, Imbalance amplifier, AC mill voltmeter as the null detector, set of unknown capacitors.

Unknown values of inductance are measured by an electrical bridges trainer kit. This product is manufactured using steel that source from trusted and certified vendors of the market. We can customize the electrical bridges trainer kit as per the customer's given details and requirements.