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Kitek Technologies is a manufacturer of AC/DC Servo Motor Trainer Kit in Navi Mumbai. To position control surfaces like lifts, rudders, strolling a robot, or working grippers these AC/DC Servo Motor Trainer Kit are utilized in radio-controlled planes. Servo motors are small, have worked in charge hardware and have great power for their size. The servo engine is controlled by a signal (information) otherwise called a pulse-width modulator (PWM).

Robotics, Conveyor Belts, Camera Auto Focus, Robotic Vehicle, Solar Tracking system, Metal cutting & Metal forming machines, Antenna Positioning, Printers, and Automatic door openers are some of the applications where AC and DC servo motor trainer kit is used.

The LED display shows polarity of rotor and stator of stepper motor of AC/DC Servo motor trainer kit. AC/DC Servo motor trainer kit controls the speed up to 2,000 pps and records it by using extra frequency counter. It allows system control, simulation, monitoring and transmission of horizontal tools with screw.

Traditionally, especially in light weight, precision instrumentation area in airborne system AC/DC Servo motor trainer kit have been used for position control applications. These Servo Motor, however is more expensive than industry standard split-stage induction of AC/DC Servo motor have a much better in speed characteristics.

AC/ DC servo motor trainer kit comes in different sizes. There are three basic sizes motor trainer kit is largely demanded. Positional rotation, continuous rotation and linear rotation are basic types of servo motor trainer.

This is done primarily to limit the cost of the unit that make affordable to the target market educational institutions. This variation does not act in any way that it performance under the unit or the knowledge gained by the students.

Being a supplier of ac/dc servo motor trainer kit, the response that it gets is too slow for a comfortable viewing on a CRO application, except on an expensive storage. With the use of our ac/dc servo motor trainer kit it increases the response speed.